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⚡ Smarter AI Assistants (chatbots)
⚡ OpenCV & YOLO (Python, TF2)
⚡ Full AI Multi-Page Apps (python)


Multiuser: Single/Multi-Tenant (MT)
Frontend: HTML5 Bootstrap
Frameworks: Django, Laravel, Node, Next, Vue, PHP
Data Sources: MySQL, Firebase Firestore & RTDB, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle, Google Sheets, Airtable, GraphQL, BigQuery, SQLite, Stripe, SalesForce, MixPanel, Zapier, Integromat, Amazon S3, Amplitude, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, HubSpot, Intercom, MailChimp, MailGun, PipeDrive, SendGrid, Slack, Twilio, ZenDesk & *ANY* External APIs
Payments: Stripe, PayPal & ACH
eCommerce: WooCommerce
⚡ Deep Linking
Embeds: Full Data Analytics Stack
⚡ Beautiful Admin KPI Dashboards
⚡ Custom Roles w/Permissions
Areas: Rideshare, Delivery, Healthcare, Wholesale, eCom, Games
⚡ Opensource Auth Infra to *Any* App
⚡ *ANY* type of CRUD app w/services


⚡KPI Data Dashboards (flutter)
⚡CRUD Apps
⚡Flutter 3 (iOS, Android, web PWA)
⚡ *Any* 3rd-Party APIs
⚡ REST & GraphQL OpenAPI 3
⚡ Multiuser Games & Gameapps
      (Unity + Backends + Server-Side APIs)
Direct: Full MT CRUD Apps
      (from your OpenAPI 3 Docs)

Cloud Deployment
⚡In-Depth Cloud Product Management
⚡Webhooks setup, monitoring & integration
⚡ Deployed on Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, custom or on-prem
⚡ FREE SSL Certificates
⚡ Fast PoC Scaffold (within 4 weeks)

Hire Us
⚡️ Real Cost? ⚡️

Black & White.

✅ Ok. Engaging just a single junior developer is US$65/hr x 8 hrs/day x 6 sprints (20 days/month/per sprint) = US$62,400. You typically need more people with more experience at a higher cost per hour: product owner, designer, coder, tester, deployment devops specialist and manager is the rock-bottom agile skeleton team. Easily $450k+ and we're being conservative!

✅ Our competitive charge: $4999/wk for an entire team workload delivery x 24 weeks (6 x 30 calendar day sprints) = $119,976. Pay us by the week. No long-term commitments. No weird conditions. No paperwork. We're Insured. We guarantee a results-based experience all the way through. Win-Win.

✅ Don't get bogged down trying to build a solution from scratch yourself or try to offshore it. You've already been through that. Our advice from long experience: Don't. Hire Us 100% onshore instead.

Value+ Training

We train your staff.
Custom-built projects.
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We issue training completion certificates.
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"What I cannot create, I do not understand." - Richard Feynman

Challenge :-
Build great *monetizable* multiuser/multitenant SaaS apps with web panels, cloud services and mobile apps that have the balanced UI UX HX and data stack APIs just right.

Answer :-
Sounds simple, right?
We make it easy.



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SmarterAI Projects Case Studies  - Lisaiceland


SmarterAI Projects Case Studies  - Lisaiceland

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